Irish Lotto Results | Plus 1 & 2 ( Jackpot + RAFFLE )
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Irish Lotto Results

Irish Lotto is the lottery of Ireland that is fully licensed and regulated by the Ireland government and was introduced 25 years ago. It has 2 draws a week Wednesday and Saturday at 8 pm. Live draw Irish can be the watch at of ITV same as the uk49s. It provides the opportunity to win the big amount in the main draw but plus 1 and plus 2 are also part of Irish.

Player note that the minimum winning amount of the Irish lottery numbers main draw jackpot is €2 million. In other words, it will be £1.46 million that is actually a big amount and live a gorgeous life.  Moreover, you can fin

Latest: Irish Lotto Results

Irish Results 30th January 2021

Main Draw:


Bonus Ball: 23

Plus 1:


Bonus Ball: 11

Plus 2:


Bonus Ball: 20

Irish Lotto Prize Breakdown

Jackpot: € 2,000,000


Previous Irish Results

Disclaimer: We have not concerned about selling and buying the ticket and confirmed Irish lottery numbers or no one claims us for the winning amount. Because we just provide you results updates and latest news. But it does not mean that we will help you. If you have any query then you can comment us below. Nothing related to betting will be allowed here. Please visit the official website to play.

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Learn how to Play Irish Lottery:

Players are from another country can face trouble if they are not from Ireland.  Actually, truly if you are not from Ireland then don’t show interest in this lotto. It’s just best works for homeland players. There is one shortcut to play is if you have some relative lives in Ireland then on the behalf of them you can be played.

Follow the quick guidelines to play the National lottery or you can find it by using this query Irish lottery results tonight and comment us below if you required anything about the Irish results.

Pick the Numbers:

There are 6 numbers drawn from 1-47 and players can choose the six numbers. You can choose the number randomly or it will be best if you will follow the previous number pattern. Each 6 number cost is €2 but is recommended that play the minimum  €6 to get more chances to win. But you have a low budget then you can choose the least amount to book numbers.

Draw time:

Draw official time is 7:57 pm but sometimes it can be exceeded 8 PM. To get the slip or want to book the number online then kindly note that purchasing will be closed at sharp 7:45 Pm. So hurry and don’t be act like a lazy player.

Plus Options:

Plus option is the extra option in the slip to win the draw. It cost is €1  and also mentioned in the slip. It has the benefit of spending just €1 because 3 more lines will be added (Plus1, Plus 2, and Raffle ). It is recommended that not quite this option and increase your winning chances.

When you add this then check this option is mention at the slip either you are using a digital slip or physical slip. Along with this information, check the draw time and date also.

Play in advance:

Players can play in advance to 8 draws but before completing the slip. Players have a lot of facilities to win but just make a proper technique to win. Sometimes it will be very helpful if you play in advance because when you stuck in a busy routine schedule then you can miss the opportunity.

Claim the prize:

Congratulations! if you have won the prize. But make sure that you have a ticket in your wallet. Without a ticket, you are not able to claim the winning prize amount. So keep this ticket safe. But if you have a receipt of online booking then no worry it will be in your wallet and by checking the online receipt you are able to claim the prize and the Irish official outlet are liable to provide it. Read more detail on the wiki.

How to win strategies:

How will you find that is you are a winner or not? Simply check the latest drawn numbers and match your numbers withdrawn numbers. If your 2 numbers are the same out of 6 then you can claim the prize. But you are not the winner of a big amount because you have just 2 same number and their winning amount is low.

If you have all the 6 numbers in the main draw or plus numbers then you will receive a very big amount. Increase your chances to win by booking the correct 6 numbers.

Plus 1 and Plus 2:

Plus 1 & plus 2 is the optional line in the draw. Its cost is very low instead of the main draw. But offend it is seen that plus 1 & Plus 2 match mostly.

Lotto Plus Raffles:

Raffles is the extra code that receives the when players will add ” PLUS ” options in the ticket. It is a four-number code. In the standard draw, on matching this code, €500 will be paid by the lotto owners. Why it is the specialty of this option? It is no extra amount to pay. You have just safe this code and wait for the announcement of the draw.

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