Lunchtime Results -Today and Previous 2021 Results
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Lunchtime Results

Are you looking for Lunchtime results & draw time? The answer is “Yes” then welcome to the official uk49s results page. Here on this page, you can get the updated monthly results. Currently, the January draw is displaying on this page.

UK Lunchtime has a specific time to display 14:49 SA. You can check it on the daily basis 7 days a week. We are welcome to the queries and don’t forget to check our Lunchtime Predictions. These predictions are daily updated on the basis of Hot and Cold balls that our team expert announced.

Lunchtime Results

26 January 20217142430314412 Booster
25 January 202115171824364513 Booster
24 January 2021612162643498 Booster
23 January 2021678914293 Booster
22 January 2021891013344719 Booster
21 January 202127923464727 Booster
20 January 20218121531424410 Booster
19 January 20212152027284723 Booster
18 January 20219232529354722 Booster
17 January 20212162628394536 Booster
16 January 2021371720303515 Booster
15 January 2021262224394527 Booster
14 January 20213102229314419 Booster
13 January 20219121925464829 Booster
12 January 20211328293132419 Booster
11 January 20216232632334916 Booster
10 January 20211111628394442 Booster
9 January 2021347920321 Booster
8 January 202147204445466 Booster
7 January 2021681226374738 Booster
6 January 202111162226304013 Booster
5 January 202115171923354511 Booster
4 January 2021131117242814 Booster
3 January 20214152125303922 Booster
2 January 2021241726313715 Booster
1 January 202112263134424419 Booster

This table shows the Current and Latest month results but after the month you can get this at Previous Months Lunchtime Results Numbers. So, Players have a big opportunity to check the results of every month in a single month.

Do you know about the Hot and Cold number and their value in the upcoming numbers?  Hot and cold numbers are those that are announced as the topmost numbers within a month. Hot and cold UK lunchtime is very important to check to monitor the number pattern. These numbers are very helpful to win the numbers. So, you don’t need to go anywhere,  Just check the numbers and booked your numbers today. But before booked the numbers double check your ticket.

Note: Don’t forget to check our popular Teatime result today. Moreover, you can check more results. We are just broadcasting results for the people of South Africa and the UK. But everyone from the world can check it. Currently, the January results are running.

All uk lunchtime Results updates

Lunchtime is very famous all over the world. Most players like the wants to know about the UK lunchtime Latest results today.

January Lunchtime Results Guidelines:

Here on this page, you can check the current month results that are drawing at the  14:49 SA. We have contained the Last full History of the winning numbers.

If you really want to get the latest updates of the UK lunchtime then We want to tell you, we are the only one that provides you first update. We are also working on the uk49s lunchtime Predictions. That will 100% work perfectly. If you are a beginner or the expert one then both the players check that.

Our UK lunch results upcoming predictions analyst are the retired members of the official uk49s  draw members. We are taking help to provide an accurate prediction that no one exposes. But, predictions are found before the lunchtime latest results.

Lunchtime results 2021 today are the famous query of the UK 49 lunchtime players. In the world, there are billions of the queries occurs on the Internet but according to the Current survey we have found that most of the popular query is about the 49s lottery and predictions.

As you know that if you are UK 49 lotto player, the first result of UK 49 lunchtime is announced at midday. So, everyone keeps calm to check the results.

Important information is that there are official guidelines for the UK lunchtime result. The claim of the winning numbers can be demand if you have read the proper rules and regulations.

  • Age should be 18+. If you are under age then you are not able to claim the result.
  • Tickets can be purchased from the official outlets. Other unofficial outlets cannot be able to provide results winning prize.

If you have any questions about the results and their predictions then you can comment us below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How I can get the upcoming Lunchtime Numbers?
If you want to win the lunchtime then you have to check the Lunchtime prediction that will be displayed on

What is the lunchtime Draw time?
Lunchtime draw is announced at 14:49 S 7 days a week and all days in a year.

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