UK Teatime Results For Today 2021

Teatime results is the 2nd option to the players to win the uk teatime results for today if they not succeeded in the previous draw. Get the latest uk49s updates. 

UK Teatime Results For Today

22/10/20219313335444825 Booster
21/10/202124274244474845 Booster
20/10/2021310131829435 Booster
19/10/20214182228374025 Booster
18/10/20218101516183923 Booster
17/10/20212112229384717 Booster
16/10/202115222734364431 Booster
15/10/2021292634353640 Booster
14/10/202113182833373910 Booster
13/10/2021141028334144 Booster
12/10/20211253032394223 Booster
11/10/202122263032333441 Booster
10/10/202138133436444 Booster
9/10/202146713204131 Booster
8/10/20219223233404913 Booster
7/10/20216212536424732 Booster
6/10/20218212436394142 Booster
5/10/202112212734374923 Booster
4/10/2021225383941484 Booster
3/10/202123273037404216 Booster
2/10/20217202936383945 Booster
1/10/20211111215163125 Booster

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Wants to visit the previous yearly months results then click here. Players can check yearly and monthly results at their own choice.


uk teatime results hot and cold numbers are also found when you follow this link. UK 49 results teatime hot numbers are those numbers that are announced very most in the last month and  teatime latest results cold numbers are those that are announced very low in the last numbers.

These numbers are very helpful for next draw if players follow their pattern carefully. 

Let’s move ahead and know about the UK teatime results draw time.

Teatime results for today

UK Teatime Results Draw Time

UK 49’s  organization  offer draw two times a day. A players can try luck on both of them simultaneously.

Lunchtime Draw

Draw 1 of the day held at noon 12.49 PM(UK), known as UK 49s Lunchtime Draw.

Teatime Draw

Draw 2 of the day held at 17:49 PM(UK), known as UK 49s Teatime Draw.

Teatime Draw Guidelines

To take in a game, players have to follow these guideline carefully. In a single draw, balls ranging from numbers 1 to 49 are used for the draw. 6 numbers and 1 booster or bonus ball are drawn as a result of a single draw. A 49s player can play this game through different betting shops and offices in South Africa (.za) and the rest of the world

This page does not contain not only the latest teatime results but you can find UK teatime results history also on this page. 

Can we play it from all over the world?  Teatime lotto is searched and played all over the world but the famous countries are South Africa and the UK. We also want to tell you we have not restrictions on anyone to access from any country.


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